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Semi-Private Lessons
Summer of 2023

  • ​24 hours of on-ice training
  • 6 hours of off-ice video​
  • 2 to 1 goalie to coach ratio​
  • Personalized Lessons​
Toronto Dec 22

The Plan To Become
A Skilled And Confident Goaltender This Summer

​Step 1: Pick One Of The Two Options Below 

Step 2: Fill Out The Registration Form

Step 3: Receive Personalized Coaching So You Can Take Your Game To The #NextLevel


Registration Form

Option 1:
Receive 10% Off By Also Registering For The
Summer Camp In Minnesota 



($75 per lesson)  
(10% Off The Normal Price)
Minnesota Summer Camp:
(10% Off The Normal Price)

Total Investment:

Thanks for registering! You will receive an email within 24 hours confirming your registration.

Option 2:
Semi-Private Lessons Only  Registration Form


Semi-Privates Only:


($83 per lesson) 

Thanks for registering! You will receive an email within 24 hours confirming your registration.

Your Investment In
The Lessons Includes:

  • On-Ice lessons every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting June 12th through Friday, August 13th except for 7/3, 7/10, and 7/12
  • A maximum of two goalies for each lesson so we can provide you with personalized coaching
  • The Monday and Wednesday lessons focus on the technical and tactical aspects of goaltending. Each lesson is personalized so you can develop the skills needed to get to the next level
  • Friday's lesson is power skating and puck handling from 9-10 am. It is designed to help you become a powerful and efficient goaltender who has the confidence and skills needed to handle the puck  
  • Office video sessions are conducted prior to every lesson to prepare you visually for the lesson
  • All your reps are recorded on an iPad so you can receive immediate on-ice feedback  ​

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