Hello Goaltender!

Did you know when I laced up my skates in Fort Myers it had been 414 days since I last stepped on the ice? It's true...


Old hockey injuries caught up with me and I was forced to miss the 2020-2021 season due to having two back surgeries. 

Here is a picture of the medal parts they added to my back:






I am pain-free and feeling better than I have in the past 20 years.


However I won't lie, I was nervous my coaching was going to be rusty. However, when I took the ice it felt like I had not missed a day. 


This is because I spent the winter watching videos, reading books, and finding new ways to help goaltenders develop.

One of these new ways is conducting goalie practices over zoom then doing a one-on-one film analysis post-practice. 


The Hamilton College NCAA men's goaltenders set up an iPad on the ice and I conducted virtual goalie practices with them.

The system I used for coaching virtually was:


  • After practice, I did a video analysis of their film

  • Then I conducted a one-on-one zoom with each goaltender to go over what their strengths were from the practice

  • Then I gave them a new skill to focus on next practice

  • Then I showed them a video of NHL goalies performing that new skill

  • Finally, I went over the skating patterns and drills we would perform next practice to help them build the new skill

This is the same system I used in person when coaching at Colgate during the 2019-2020 season.

This system helped Liz at Colgate go from starting five games with a .904 Save% and a 2.61 GAA to starting 35 games and finishing the season with a .922 Save%, a 1.94 GAA, and six shutouts in my first season coaching her.


Do you have the goal of making a commitment to play college hockey?

If so I want to help you reach your goals.

I want to give you the opportunity to receive the same video analysis system I use when coaching my NCAA goaltender.

With your video from the World Goalie Summit we will:

  • Conduct an analysis of your strengths as a goaltender 

  • Do an analysis of your areas for new skill development

  • Show you examples of college and/or professional goaltenders performing the skill you are going to develop

  • Give you skating patterns to performing either with or without your goalie coach at home

  • Give you drills to practice your new skills in a game like situations

To register for the virtual coaching system just follow the three-step plan below:

Step 1: Click Book Now below to schedule your zoom call

Step 2: We will conduct a one-hour virtual zoom 

Step 3: You will implement what you learned over zoom and take your game to the #NextLevel

I look forward to continuing to help you take your game to the #NextLevel so you can reach your goals of making a commitment to play college hockey.

Your Goaltending Coach,

Chris Cobb

Owner of Top Prospects Goaltending USA

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