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Burlington, Vermont
High-Performance Camp
July 15-18, 2024


Camp Details...

  • Playing College to U12 in 2024 regardless of gender or skill level

  • Goalies will be split into three groups of 12 based on age/skill for on ice sessions

  • Capped at 36 total goaltenders to ensure you receive ample crease time


  • Roughly 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (a final schedule will be emailed the week before camp)


  • 3:1 or better goalie-to-coach ratio to ensure you receive personalized coaching

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This Camp Is:

$799 usd

(Including Tax)

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Toronto Dec 22

Your Investment In
The Camp Includes Daily:

  • Technical/tactical sessions so you can develop the skills needed to take your game to the Next Level

  • Technical skating sessions so you can become a powerful and efficient goaltender 

  • Video sessions to prepare you visually for the technical/tactical sessions 

  • Office strength and conditioning sessions so you can learn to train year-round like a pro 

  • Classroom sessions to learn about mindset, nutrition, and more

  • Development of your puck-handling skills so you can be a difference-maker for your team on the breakout 


  • All your reps are recorded on an iPad so you can receive immediate on-ice feedback  


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